1.95 : All : RB Ground  

     US          *QEX* Suicide_Blitz on Tunisia with 13 kills! - Realistic Ground   

     RU          =NBF= BABEPKA1 on Port Novorossiysk with 16 kills! - Arcade Ground   

     GE          Ometron on African canyon with 10 kills! - Arcade Air   

 1.95 - Northern Wind
   Player Kills: 30710
   Player Deaths: 32156
 1.93 - Shark Attack
   Player Kills: 43040
   Player Deaths: 45147
 1.91 - Night Vision
   Player Kills: 52376
   Player Deaths: 54953

To sign up for OSS and use OSS. (What is OSS?)

  1. Sign up to the WWIILogs forums with your War Thunder player name
  2. Sign into the forums with that user name.
  3. Download and install OSS with the registration key and your WT player name.
  4. Run OSS while you're playing WT