1.85 : All : RB Ground  

     UK          Leandrys on Japan with 15 kills! - Realistic Ground   

     GE          -VPO- SixguN on Top of the World with 11 kills! - Arcade Air   

 1.85 - Supersonic
   Player Kills: 94269
   Player Deaths: 108487
 1.83 - Masters of the Sea
   Player Kills: 103091
   Player Deaths: 113552
 1.81 - The Valkyries
   Player Kills: 61313
   Player Deaths: 66908

To sign up for OSS and use OSS. (What is OSS?)

  1. Sign up to the WWIILogs forums with your War Thunder player name
  2. Sign into the forums with that user name.
  3. Download and install OSS with the registration key and your WT player name.
  4. Run OSS while you're playing WT