1.73 : All : RB Ground  

Top Aces in a Day (one Mission) for 11/22/2017 utc.

     JP          No1_Architect on Sinai with 13 kills! - Realistic Ground   

     FR          Lucas1125 on Khalkhin Gol with 4 kills! - Realistic Air   

Casualties Observed (x100) for 11/22/2017 utc.
FR          GE          IT          JP          RU          UK          US          GE          JP          RU          UK          US

 1.73 - Vive la France
   Player Kills: 32918
   Player Deaths: 36256
 1.71 - New E.R.A.
   Player Kills: 35013
   Player Deaths: 39520
 1.69 - Regia Aeronautica
   Player Kills: 195543
   Player Deaths: 224324

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