About WWIILogs.com
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WWIILogs is inspired by a passion for WWII history and War Thunder. This site is dedicated to collecting War Thunder game statistics and building functionality and reporting around that information.

War Thunder is a cross-platform MMO combat game for the PC, PS4, Mac, and Linux, dedicated to World War II Military aviation and Tanks. We offer a data collection application for the PC (English) called OSS that records all Match data from the exposed information provided while running the game. You can view this data for yourself by opening up a web browser while playing the game and use the address of

The OSS application parses, uploads, and consolidates this information and then cross references WWIILogs libraries to further expand upon it. All the data, not just your kills, but everyone's kills in the entire match. Take a look at some of the information that has been collected in the menu bar.

If you are interested in using this application; register in the WWIIlogs forum with your War Thunder Player name and a registration link will appear in the community menu item. Follow that link for installation instructions and a key; otherwise, take a look around and I welcome your feedback.

To sign up for OSS and use OSS. (What is OSS?)

  1. Sign up to the WWIILogs forums with your War Thunder player name
  2. Sign into the forums with that user name.
  3. Download and install OSS with the registration key and your WT player name.
  4. Run OSS while you're playing WT