OSS Vehicles by KD (Over 50 kills and 50 deaths)
1.83 : All : RB Air  
1.83 - Masters of the Sea
1.81 - The Valkyries
1.79 - Project-X
RB Ground
AB Ground
RB Air
AB Air
Vehicles by K/D for Masters of the Sea in RB Air
No Vehicles found.
*Kill/Death is calculated for the service life of the vehicle or Battle Rating ranges where it should be played given its introduction.
This is typically is starting BR to BR + 1; however, with vehicles that share a common tag can be larger (example T-34).
This is an average of each K/D represented in this range each having over 5 kills and 5 deaths.
This creates a more representative K/D without any one BR being over or under represented.
* In order for a vehicle to shown on this list it must have at least 4 BR ranges meeting this 5K & 5D qualification.