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What is OSS?

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Topic: What is OSS?
Posted By: Sidiros
Subject: What is OSS?
Date Posted: 2016-Mar-01 at 14:49

OSS for War Thunder is a small Windows desktop application that monitors War Thunder Matches as they are started and then uploads that information to WWII Logs when the match finishes. 

Your information will then be accessible through the OSS application for as long as you want to keep it and" rel="nofollow - for the current and previous patch.   Personal consolidated stats will then also be available through the" rel="nofollow - Career page .

It is installed using Microsoft ClickOnce Technology and the installer is less than a MB in size (if you have the required Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.)  

When installed it will reside in the “C:\Users\Your User\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0” directory for Windows 7 under a randomly generated directory name.        The full directory installation is less than 2 MB.    It also creates a directory structure in C:\ProgramData\OSS4WarThunder for configuration and storage of Mission History and screenshots.

It does not run as a service and needs to be user initiated; however, once installed the application will start and show up in your system tray immediately after the installation. 

You will need to right click on the icon to bring up the settings form or click on its icon on the start menu to select its tab.     This is where you will enter your player name and OSS Key.      The User name is your War Thunder player name and the OSS Key is provided once registered with


You OSS user information is then recorded and shouldn’t need to be entered again.    It will validate with the server and give you an invalid response if it doesn’t match.

It needs to be started when you want to monitor War Thunder.    It will start the War Thunder Launcher if War Thunder is not found to be running; however, it needs to be running prior to joining into a match to record it.    I personally just start OSS and let it start War Thunder, but you can choose to start it anytime you wish and it just needs to be running prior to joining a match and observe the entire match to the end to capture that match information and upload.   It can be initiated by the desktop Icon or through the Windows Start Menu.

Desk Top Icon:

Start Menu:


It will also close when it detects War Thunder no longer running or you right click on the system tray icon and choose exit.      I can’t stand all those processes that continually run and OSS is not one of those.  Once set up, it’s pretty painless as you just click it to start instead of War Thunder and it will run quietly down in the system tray until you close War Thunder.   When using OSS you'll then upload to the site, Personal stats will then become available to you when logged into the forums, and you'll help collect data for everyone.

In Version OSS added;  

  • History Tab..

This keeps a local record (C:\ProgramData\OSS4WarThunder\Missions) of observed mission.   These can be accessed as a Summary by double clicking on the listed Mission.    Or while not actively monitoring a match clicking "Load" and it will bring the mission back into the Mission tabs.

  • Mission and Mission HUD tabs

These give you the information that OSS is picking up as it monitors.   Including an Active Map for Air RB, Air Arcade, and Ground Arcade with tracks as units move around.     I keep it open on another monitor to watch it unfold; however, it will still run without it open as it did prior.

  • Adversary List

This keeps a list of players you have had multiple encounters with.    You can add notes on them and set the frequency of meetings that are needed to be reached prior to saving.     A note will insure a player is saved also.    You can manually save changes through the Save button or at the completion of a mission.   I typically lower it during play to get every encounter then raise it and save when I'm done.

  • Kill Cam

After enabling in settings; OSS will capture a screenshot of all your kills as they happen.  It will save these into C:\ProgramData\OSS4WarThunder\KillCam.    You can also bring them back up by loading a mission from the History and cycling through them by clicking on the Map.

If you are interested in using OSS; please, register to these forums with your War Thunder player name (PS4 users need the *) and then" rel="nofollow - download and install." rel="nofollow - Download Link." rel="nofollow -





Posted By: Rotorhead7
Date Posted: 2016-Mar-01 at 17:00
Awesome write up! Much clearer

Posted By: Yukari___Akiyama
Date Posted: 2016-Mar-02 at 14:36
if you need help with it, i can help

Posted By: Sidiros
Date Posted: 2016-Mar-02 at 14:42
Originally posted by yukari yukari wrote:

if you need help with it, i can help

The more the merrier and Thank you!

Posted By: SuperNoodle78
Date Posted: 2018-Jul-10 at 17:21
Man I wished this worked with PS4. Guess I'll settle for showing up in the highlights! Awesome work though, almost makes me wanna switch over to PC.

Posted By: Sidiros
Date Posted: 2018-Jul-10 at 20:49
Originally posted by SuperNoodle78 SuperNoodle78 wrote:

Man I wished this worked with PS4. Guess I'll settle for showing up in the highlights! Awesome work though, almost makes me wanna switch over to PC.


It will monitor a PS4 with putting it in remote mode in settings and entering the IP address of the PS4; however, the OSS application has to run on a PC.

Posted By: SuperNoodle78
Date Posted: 2018-Jul-10 at 21:36
Really? Gonna give it a try tonight. Thanks!
My oldest son gained a huge friends list on my PS account, so I google our user name occasionally to see if he's posted anything ridiculous, and stumbled on this site late last night. I'm kinda surprised I haven't seen it mentioned on reddit yet.

Posted By: *Maj_Fox
Date Posted: 2018-Jul-16 at 16:12
Using a laptop to monitor my PS4 for some time now.


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